Our electricity is red and white

  • Sustainable energy from 100% hydro power
  • Better prices than with basic supply
  • Fair and transparent electricity price charges
  • Future-proof and predictable full supply
  • Rapid, straightforward handling
  • Image effect for your company
  • Competence thanks to over 110 years of industry experience
  • Personal and professional care and maintenance

Electricity product for the deregulated market

Does your company consumer more than 100,000 kWh per year? Then you are free to choose your own power provider and save on energy costs by selecting an electricity product that is suitable for you and your needs. If you have any questions concerning our offer as described below, or if you would like to get advice, we look forward to hearing from you.

schweizstrom FIXED PRICE

The Full Supply FIXED PRICE product allows you the greatest possible planning security and transparency. With this product you can use/purchase as much electricity as you need without incurring any price premiums on the energy. The energy price is determined in accordance with your individual consumption pattern and a fixed market price.


Your benefits at a glance
• Fixed energy price, predictable/calculable over the entire term of the contract
• Easy and problem-free
• Contract term can be freely selected
• schweizstrom bears the volume risk

For further information, please consult the fact sheet on file Factsheet.

schweizstrom.ch services in the energy sector

schweizstrom.ch offers a holistic service approach that comprises energy costs, customer requirements, technical prerequisites, facilities operators and energy sources, suppliers and the financing of all measures.

Balancing energy

Additional revenue thanks to balancing energy!

Optimise the profitability of your facilities by participating in the balancing energy market. We can generate attractive additional revenues for you by switching on and connecting or switching off and disconnecting your power generation systems. Take advantage of our expertise and let us advise you as to which of your facilities is best suited for this purpose.

• Attractive price for making your infrastructure available (annual payment)
• If the provision of this service (power) is called on, you realise additional revenues (per drawdown)
• Minimal effort for you, schweizstrom attends to the details (prequalification with the transmission system operators, pooling and bringing to market)


Our services
• Analysis and consulting on the potential of balancing energy taking into consideration the operating and business processes
• Transparent offering
• Compensation by swissgrid to the pool / participants for provision (standby availability) and for the retrieval (power drawdown of max. 4 hours)

For further information, please consult the fact sheet on file Factsheet.

Operational optimisation

Operational optimisation – the certified SME energy efficiency

Why not save up to 30% on energy?

Companies and institutions are often sitting on untapped potential for savings up to 40% on energy consumption. Our energy engineers carefully scrutinise your energy consumption and offer you help in saving energy and money. Our service is individual, customised and reliable.

Your advantages at a glance
• Operating cost savings of up to 30% with payback within 2 years
• Clearly defined savings targets across the entire term of the project, with corresponding success monitoring

Our services
• Personal on-site consulting
• Definition of savings targets and regular analysis, including optimisation measures
• Measuring and quantifying annual performance (success assessment)
• Training and continuing education of management and professional technical staff

For further information, please consult the fact sheet on file Factsheet.

Agreement on objectives

Sustainably reduce energy costs in an efficient and transparent manner

Are you already one step ahead of the Energy Act’s article governing large-scale consumers ? Pursuant to this article, companies can be required to analyse and reduce their energy consumption / environmental impact.
Be proactive now instead of having to react later on. The voluntary agreement on objectives is also recognised by the cantons.

• Optimised energy consumption and reduced energy costs
• Access to rebates/discounts and subsidies
• Reimbursement of carbon levies/taxes or grid surcharges
• Fulfilment of the article governing large-scale consumers by the cantons

Our services
• Systematic identification of potential for efficiencies by means of monitoring
• Check of conformity with the law in the areas of energy and CO2 emissions

For further information, please consult the fact sheet on file Factsheet.

Reactive power compensation

Never have to pay for reactive power again

In most companies, the costs of reactive power constitute a factor that should not be underestimated. Reactive power is generated when electrical energy is converted, for example, to mechanical energy (electric motor) without any benefit at all. And yet, it puts additional load on the entire power grid. Charges for reactive current are imposed as of a minimum share of 50% of real energy. We would be pleased to advise you on how to avoid generating reactive power costs.

BlindstromYour advantages at a glance
• Individually tailored compensation concept
• Offering, planning and implementation executed by a competent partner
• Short amortisation period

Our services
• Ascertaining the optimal compensation (offsetting) requirements with performance measurement on the customer portal
• Determination of the type of inductors required for choking and coordination to suit the local ripple-control frequency
• Complete offer with quote for planning, delivery and installation of the systems, including maintenance and fault elimination by a competent partner

For further information, please consult the fact sheet on file Factsheet.

Does your company consumer more than 100,000 kWh/year? Then you should determine who supplies your power. It’s so easy to switch to schweizstrom – the affordable and reliable alternative to basic supply:


  • 1. Have a quote calculated

    Fill out the fields in the price calculator above, in order to get a no-obligation quote and to open the contract form.

  • 2. Specify the term of service

    Enter the desired term of service in the power supply contract.

  • 3. Provide contract data

    Fill in all the information in the contract form. The designation of the measuring points can generally be found in your last electricity invoice. If this information is not included, we will add it later.

  • 4. Confirm information

    Review and confirm the information you have entered. The power supply contract will be created as a downloadable PDF file.

  • 5. Print, sign and send

    Print out the contract and sign it to make the switch to schweizstrom legally valid. Please send the signed document to the following email adresse or to the post address:

  • Address:

    EBLS Schweiz Strom AG

    Mühlemattstrasse 6
    4410 Liestal

As soon as we receive and review your signed power supply contract, we will get in touch with you promptly. We would be happy to help you fill out your power supply contract: Contact us.

About schweizstrom

schweizstrom is a subsidiary of EBL (Genossenschaft Elektra Baselland), based in Liestal. EBL supplies more than 200,000 people with electricity, heat and telecommunications services daily. Thanks to over 110 years’ experience in the energy industry, we are there to support you as a competent and reliable partner.

We have big plans

EBL and schweizstrom set the bar high: With our own “Vision 2020”.  By then, 30% of electricity and heating requirements should be sourced from renewable energy. That means from solar, biomass, wind, geothermal energy and small hydroelectric power plants. That is the fresh energy with which we want to power our country.

Today, we are committed to tomorrow

We implement our vision with path-breaking, sustainable projects. Whether it involves our own companies and holdings in the region or projects in other places: our commitments in renewable energy have a common denominator. They join together energy, economic and social benefits. These are some of our investments in the future:

  • Biomass fermentation plant in Pratteln
  • Wood heating and power station Basel
  • Small hydraulic power plant in Zwingen
  • Solar power plant Puerto Errado in Spain
  • Co-Founder of the association “Energie Zukunft Schweiz”
  • Wind farm in Möthlitz, Germany

And what benefit do you get

schweizstrom  offers all market-entitled companies  (as of consumption of 100,000 kwh/year) the opportunity for  low cost, secure and responsible comprehensive supply.

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